Over eagerness

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I am a sucker for new features, and the new iOS 16, Xcode and macOS updates shown at WWDC are no exception. Install betas on a partition, folks! A few years ago, with the Catalina beta, I hit a ton of issues on my Macbook Pro at the time, the 2014 model that got me through uni. However, last year I was on the betas very early in the piece and had no issues. Unfortunately, this lulled me into a false sense of security.

I forgot that at this time last year, I had only one app on the store, which wasn't receiving regular updates. Now I have three and even more in development. So a stable development environment is pretty essential. All this is a long way around saying that I jumped into the macOS Ventura beta without thoroughly reading the compatibility notes and now have to jump back into macOS Monterey.

Install betas on a partition, folks!

I am very excited about some of the new APIs and capabilities and cannot wait to implement them in my existing apps and new ideas, but first of all, I need to reinstall Monterey. Back soon.


Cover image by krakenimages on Unsplash